Hi. I’m Ioana.

I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California (USC).

My research examines participatory practices of collective creativity, as mediated by digital technologies. In my current research on crowdsourced art, building on the concept of relational aesthetics and on the participatory culture paradigm, I suggest a typology of crowdsourced art and analyze the aesthetic significance of digital participation at varying levels of creative involvement.

Beyond crowdsourced art, I also write about the educational, cultural and transnational aspects of digital participation. My adviser is the wonderful Henry Jenkins, whose mentorship has been invaluable in shaping my views on participatory culture and digital pedagogies.

A proud Romanian from the city of Timisoara, I graduated summa cum laudae from Middlebury College, with Highest Honors in Film and Media Culture. My belief in the importance of media literacy, coupled with the joy I find in teaching, has led me to become deeply involved in the field of education, teaching filmmaking and social justice curricula to children in the Dominican Republic, Romania, Uruguay and India. Before starting my PhD at USC, I worked as the field coordinator of The Modern Story digital storytelling program, a grassroots project aiming to bridge the digital divide by introducing media literacy and filmmaking workshops in government schools in India.

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